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About Shift lamp

This powerful cylindrical body is a light fixture, captured and stabilised into a simple and impressive structure: three finely processed bars are connected and rotated in the middle, creating three-armed grids in mirror symmetry. The result is a steady piece, almost sculptural, a strong spatial landmark and a source of light. The structural refinement makes it possible to move the cylinder and change the direction of the light beam by way of a firm yet adaptable grip. The lampshade’s body is a metal structure covered by black or white vinyl, creating thus two completely different visual sensations. Simplicity and distinction in structure yields a visually rounded-up impression in different sizes of the elements and adaptability to user needs. The Shift lamp is available in three sizes and equipped with a dimmer. Both the light and the luminaire boast a carefully crafted aesthetic dimension for a pleasing experience at any hour of the day.


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Regular Company is an award winning multidisciplinary design consultancy. It was founded in 2015, building upon the work of the company’s co-founders Marija Ruzic Vukmanic, Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marinko Murgic, Tihomir Filipec and their partners and collaborators, who have been working together in the creative industries since 2009.

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