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About Neva chair

A complex grid of functionally paced elements is connected by elegant junctures that subtly set the course of the material. Neva seems like sculpture in space, whose linear elements unpretentiously delineate fragments of space. The seat as the basic element is a surface positioned by way of structured lines flowing in clear, logical transitions. The subtly accentuated backrest volume is narrowed at the edges and transitions into a continuous line perpetuating from the armrest to the legs. The volumes and textures of the massive solid wood convey softness and pleasing use thanks to their well-thought balance and fine craftsmanship. The piece acts in space as a self-effacing yet powerful visual trademark. A trustworthy elegance is what makes Neva perfectly fit in and enhance any kind of space. To private and intimate interiors it gives a visually attractive comfort, while its unassuming yet clearly defined style creates a convincing business ambience as well. A product of such universal beauty has been acknowledged by professionals and end users alike.


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Regular Company is an award winning multidisciplinary design consultancy. It was founded in 2015, building upon the work of the company’s co-founders Marija Ruzic Vukmanic, Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marinko Murgic, Tihomir Filipec and their partners and collaborators, who have been working together in the creative industries since 2009.

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