Neva light chair

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About Neva light chair

A simple chair always needed and desired quite naturally stems from the idiosyncratically penned signature lines of the Neva collection. A minimalist approach to elements has been adapted to use to a maximum degree; a visual lightness accompanies the lightness of the body. Its feature backrest, ergonomically bent, softly transitions into the legs, creating a compact, firm support, visually highlighted by the expressive ongoing line. A simple seat completes the piece, underlining the alluring curves of the line it leans on. In addition to the wooden version, an upholstered model is also available for added comfort. Lightness and strong design character bring in variations in aesthetics and quality with a selection of different types of wood and including colour and texture of the material in the final feature. A maximum of character and comfort has been achieved with a minimum of dimensions. This sophisticated minimalism is a perfect fit into smaller spaces and successfully maintains its characteristic visual appearance in opulent interiors as well.


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