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About Picard desk

The wooden surface area creates an organised and pleasant workspace; it envelops a space, conceals elegant drawers and extends into an ample workspace. The piece is completed and arched by a simple and practical shelf, a horizontal creating added value and organisational potential for the workspace. The essential body is a membrane shaped as a soft-edged block, of regular proportions and ergonomically suited. The texture and tactility of wood unassumingly accentuate the character and refinement of design. The compact legs are attached to the lateral sides of the table, leaving the workspace free; both strong and elegant, they are additionally fixed by metal holders. A composition both simple and powerful underlines the organisational discipline required for work, along with the comfort of use owed to the refined execution. The finely tuned workspace offers variations in dimension, adapting thus to important work conditions. Its design creates a plausible body, elegant and powerful, a comfortable workspace suited to both more intimate and dynamic ambiences.


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Regular Company is an award winning multidisciplinary design consultancy. It was founded in 2015, building upon the work of the company’s co-founders Marija Ruzic Vukmanic, Ruder Novak-Mikulic, Marinko Murgic, Tihomir Filipec and their partners and collaborators, who have been working together in the creative industries since 2009.

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