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About Lakri table

The round soft-edged table plane juxtaposes the impressive load-bearing structure: the leg pairs are bent at sharp angles and drawn together at the breaking point. This is how they create a complex and unequivocal line composition which, detached from the edge of the table, grow narrow towards an imaginary point and again widen to the floor, creating stability and free space around the soft circular dining area line. Metal parts additionally dynamize the holder grid as a contrasting element in terms of volume and colour. The complex and solid composition points to the quality of the visual and functional transformation by enlarging the dining surface, turning the circular shape into oval and moving the holder pairs apart to create a new aesthetic sensation. The overall beauty with possibilities for transformation makes the Lakri table an aesthetically and visually pleasing feature in a space, a gathering place, a place for company and communication. Both the circular form and the oval version define the central point in a space, defining and enhancing it.


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