Wu sideboard


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About Wu sideboard

Minimalist elements of a classic visual concept are effected from a solid material, solid wood, in soft curved forms. An exquisite refinement of processing very concrete forms results in pieces of exceptionally fluid design. The elements seem to flow from one another, connected by ties that seem to flow from the body, creating an intense level of compactness. Powerful and expressive elements are shaped entirely without sharp edges, almost like sculptures. Balanced and clearly defined features create ergonomically suited forms which maintain a clear character even in the variations, illustrating their belonging to the collection. The result is monumental beauty imbued with elegance.


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Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini established the studioPANG in October 2012, with the shared idea that by combining different skills and passions, the project approach is enriched with new forms and perspectives. They were awarded at various design, architecture and graphics competitions. StudioPANG is an open laboratory of constant research and development of ideas and projects.

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