Latus table

Salih Teskeredžić

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About Latus table

Fine gradation is the essence of the features in this table structure, which seems to be made from a single fine pencil stroke combined with exceptional wood processing craftsmanship. The elongated table surface is accentuated and dynamized thanks to wood structure lines. Softly processed edges make texture lines descend like waterfalls, rounding the edges or continuing their way down, transitioning into the load-bearing elements, the table’s legs. Set at an angle, they underline the continuity of the flow and overall elegance. The surface thus transitions into lines getting thinner and thinner to the point of union with the floor. The steady and elegant structure results from a skilled harmonisation of aesthetic values of the raw material and a deliberate design, creating the impression of flying and enhancing space. Simply perfect and perfectly simple, the Latus table easily adapts to any space. The fully accomplished form can be adapted to variations in dimension and subtleties in tone by selecting the wood type and the final processing method.


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Salih Teskeredžić is an internationally renowned Bosnian designer with offices in Vienna and Sarajevo. His designs have been successfully produced in numerous European countries. He has exhibited at all significant European fairs and has organized solo exhibitions in Vienna and Sarajevo. He has received local and international awards for his work.

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