Latus modular system

Salih Teskeredžić

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About Latus modular system

Tranquil lines of extremely fine craftsmanship highlight the beauty of the material and evoke a continuous flow by masterfully soft transitions, creating a functional yet sculptural quality. The result is exceptionally pure forms inundating one another, bending and thinning down, revealing the flexibility and beauty of a solid material. The collection is permeated by identifiable element of the holders, the verticals connected by fine horizontal lines. The beauty of design is additionally accentuated by the understanding of the raw material, by respecting and visually underlining the structure of wood, creating a unique quality of aesthetics and an elegant structure.

Salih Teskeredžić is an internationally renowned Bosnian designer with offices in Vienna and Sarajevo. His designs have been successfully produced in numerous European countries. He has exhibited at all significant European fairs and has organized solo exhibitions in Vienna and Sarajevo. He has received local and international awards for his work.

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