Tara table


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About Tara table

As a place of gathering and company, the Tara table and its proportions create the required closeness, distance and space, adapting to the number of users with possibilities for transformation and a significant increase of the dining surface. Solid wood provides the visual basis for the elegant yet powerful piece, concealing the metal structure that gives way to extension, while at the same time maintaining stability and beauty of proportions. The transformation is completed with wooden inserts, fitting into the volume and elegantly adapted to the surface extension. The lateral orientation of wood structure lines at the same time visually shortens the surface, ensuring aesthetic harmony to the proportions of the piece. Definitely, at this table there is always room for another guest. And while the smallest available dimensions comfortably fit into smaller spaces, its added variations and extension possibilities make it the centre of social life without diminishing its beauty of design which readily accepts all changes.

In 1993, Michael Schneider founded designschneider in Cologne and moved to Berlin in May 2009. Designschneider is dedicated to product, furniture and exhibition design as well as trend research. Designschneider has an international client base and is committed to designing new products which are unique, beautiful and functional.

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