Kalota table


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About Kalota table

A combination of beauty of the material, the wood basis and ceramic or leather superstructure, is bound in this collection by the common element: a calotte. A subtle association to the spherical form, to a segment of this perfect shape, is immersed in the warmth of wood, in a curved mould, like a negative embracing a body. The piece is completed by a flat surface with a contrasting tone and texture, ceramic or leather inserts, trimmed with wood, like an elegant cross-section, a calotte surface. The functional horizontal place remains visually accentuated by means of the material’s aesthetic sensations, textures in seductive light and dark versions, accompanied by the imperative of the tactile, of touch.



Neisako a small design studio focusing on innovative and inspirin product design solutions. Previously working as Redesign, from 2020 operates under the new name — Neisako. The studio works in a wide variety of design fields with work that is mostly driven by investigation in the deeper meaning of creation through the language of geometry. It was founded by Neven and Sanja Kovačić and is based in Zagreb, Croatia.

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