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Forms flow into one another, they ramify, occasionally create sharper edges underlining the beauty of forms, only to become soft and curved again, leading the gaze, calling for a tactile experience. The smoothly polished table surface engenders the load-bearing elements, bending towards the bottom, thinning down. The fine craftsmanship of processing the solid material, solid wood, creates extremely soft and fluid lines. The high level of final refinement evokes an impression of a curved form, of an ongoing flow of unique material surface. The material’s structure generates a texture underlying the flow. An optical illusion of sorts ensues, visually alluring, without disturbing the function, accentuating the strength and pliability of the raw material by masterfully processing a delicate idea. The beauty of strong geometry has been softened by visible structure of the material, wood, adaptable in terms of colour and final processing, as well as in dimensions. It fits well into defined spaces, justifiably dominating them without jeopardising overall harmony.


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Filter is an internationally renowned studio for architecture and design, based in Sarajevo. Along with a number of international awards and exhibitions held many European cities, filter is being considered as the most awarded studio in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. Some of the awards include Collegium Artisticum Grand Prix, Balkan Designers 2015 ‚Common Grounds‘ and Qercus 2013.

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