Addo chair


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About Addo chair

Like a monogram, the lines that combine two signs to create a signature and identity, the Addo chair is composed of two clearly defined complementary parts of the same penmanship. The backrest line slowly descends and transitions into the armrest, then it suddenly twists and transitions into the legs, creating an elegant line. Like the final stroke of an elegantly balanced design, the final product is completed with a seat stretching down towards the legs in a soft transition. Lightly curved and ergonomically adapted, it retracts into the space between the lateral back vertical parts, connecting them. Upholstery and fabric provide the ergonomic seating plane added comfort. The non-upholstered version accentuates the beauty and refinement of processing the basic material – wood. The finely balanced minimalist body of the Addo chair fits into and enhances every living space. The finest quality of material and detail processing introduces an element of unostentatious luxury.



Founded in Denmark (2000), Kyoko Inoda (Japan) and Nils Sveje (Denmark) have developed a harmonious and sensitive approach applied to both the design process and the resulting form and aesthetics, the design language is a mixture of the two cultures as well as their background in industrial design engineering, it is minimalistic but not simplistic, shaped but not ornamented.

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